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Choose what fits best your needs

HPS lamps have shown proven benefits as grow lights in the last 30 years. Their colour is richer of red and far red light which stimulates elongation growth and optimised fructification.

In a nutshall: HPS lamps are advantageous if you want to:

  • promote photosynthesis
  • improve growth
  • increase yield

However, there are many crops and growing methods where it is also advantageous to use MH lamps.
The main difference between metal halide and high-pressure sodium lamps is their colour spectrum: MH lamps have a higher amount of UV and blue light and less red and dark red light. The higher amount of blue light strongly suppresses elongation growth and ensures a rapid reproductive phase.

UV light stimulates the formation of anthocyanins and polyphenols, two plant pigments that enhance leaf and blossom colour.

In addition, the MH lamps' colour spectrum is much closer to that of sunlight, resulting in significantly better colour rendering.

At a glace: MH lamps are advantageous if you want to

  • encourage compact growth and blossoming in decorative plants
  • enhance leaf pigments in coloured vegetables (e.g. lollo rosso)
  • make shrubs more resistant
  • enrich secondary metabolites in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry

It's not an easy task to define the best solution. BLV will consult you on all aspects and will help you to find the lighting solution that really fits your needs. 

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