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HORTURION LED multilayer system

With its LED multilayer system, BLV introduces a solution to the market, which is so far unique.
And, it is even more geared to the needs of the growers.

This multilayer system is best suited for the cultivation of seedlings and cuttings as well as for herbs for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Currently, there are two different spectra available: LED formula red 2.1 and LED formula white 1.2.



LED formula red 2.1 spectrum

Purple light has become the visual synonym of efficient LED assimilation lighting. In combination with natural daylight it can increase photosynthesis, biomass and yield.

The BLV formula red 2.1 spectrum is very efficient and delivers highest PAR radiation.

However, purple horticulture lighting masks the natural leaf and petal colour and makes it nearly impossible to select plants according to their morphological traits, identify pests or see signs of malnutrition.

Therefore, BLV has developed an additional spectrum: LED formula white 1.2

Product details LED multilayer system  

Flyer multilayer system


LED formula white 1.2 spectrum

BLV has developed a unique LED grow light formula which solves the problem of unwanted or irritating masking of natural colours:

The BLV LED formula white 1.2 spectrum has an optimised spectrum combining assimilation lighting with high photosynthesis efficacy and excellent colour rendering. It therefore promotes growth and shows crops almost in the same colours as they would appear in nature.

With a colour temperature of 3 500 Kelvin and an excellent colour rendering index (CRI) of 90, BLV sets a new standard that brings out even small differences between colours. This eases the entire process of pest control, monitoring and selection.

Product details LED multilayer system  

Flyer multilayer system