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HORTURION toplighting system

BLV becomes a complete solution provider and offers luminaire, power supply and lamps all from one source.

The system offers growers highest quality of all components perfectly synchronised with each other - all made by BLV. Further, having a single point of contact helps to substantially ease the entire process of consultancy, planning, purchase, installation and service.

HORTURION TL luminaire
Top lighting luminaire with HPS and MH lamps 600 W / 750 W / 1000 W

  • Series of highly efficient HPS luminaires, providing best-in-class PAR values and spectra for optimum plant growth.
  • Reflector material specially developed for horticulture application.
  • Modern, compact an solid design with build-in electronic power supply.
  • Integrated USHIO-BLV electronic power supply for optimum HORTURION lamp performance.
  • Open reflector construction for optimum lamp temperatures, light distribution and lifetime. Easily removable for cleaning.

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HORTURION power supply
High-performing power supply for maximum flexibility

  • User friendly: Equipped with all necessary safety features, including a wireless read-out system with over 70 logs
  • Exchangeability: A simple software adjustment allows easy exchange between all BLV HPS & MH lamps
  • Quality and reliability: Engineered and manufactured in Germany for highest quality
  • Value for money: Long lifetime and maximum efficiency


  • Best-in-class PAR values and spectra for optimum plant growth
  • Very stable output and voltage stability throughout lifetime

Portfolio of HPS & MH lamps