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Towards higher light output and low light deprivation – The HORTURION TRIPLE CAPACITOR

The light output of a high-pressure sodium (HPS) lamp is the key element determining its efficacy.

For a long period of time the output of a 1000 W HPS lamp was restricted to 1950 µmol s-1. The reason for the restriction was the gas pressure inside the burner and the technology used to ignite the lamp.

In these lamps the ignition current ran from one electrode through a conducting strip in the ceramics to the other electrode. The necessary flow of current from the electrode to the strip established a limit on the gas pressure inside the burner. Once the temperature was high enough the gas inside the burner ignited; the lamp glowed.

Three years ago, BLV has launched a new type of HPS lamp, which pushes the output from 1950 µmol s-1 to 2100 µmol s-1. By emitting 150 µmol s-1 more than a common lamp (+7.7 %), the BLV HORTURION 1000 W HPS sets a new benchmark in regard to efficiency. The technology is a quantum leap towards cost efficient high density production.

This new lamp generation was made possible through optimization of the gas pressure and the co-development of a novel ignition technology: the HORTURION triple capacitor.

The triple capacitor directs the ignition current not only to the electrode but also directly to the strip. Once the gas is ignited, the triple capacitor closes the connection to the strip and prevents flow of current through the strip. Disconnecting the strip during operation is essential because a constant electric field would enable sodium atoms to diffuse through the ceramics. Diffusion changes the chemical composition of the gas in the burner, leading to early failure and a reduced light output.



<Fig. 1 Differentiating factor of a BLV lamp: the triple capacitor>

Due to the triple capacitor technology the gas composition in the burner is constant. The stability of the gas composition in the burner reduces the light depreciation and guarantees the maximum light output throughout the life time of the lamp. 

In thousands of tests the HORTURION triple capacitor has shown reliable ignition, high light output and stable gas conditions inside the burner. Hence, the HORTURION triple capacitor guarantees greatest reliability and very high output for the entire service life, making the BLV HPS one of the most efficient and most stable HPS lamps currently available.