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Perfect illumination of sporting facilities

As a lighting specialist and one of the leading suppliers of sports facility lighting, BLV provides optimum lighting conditions for all sorts of sport events. In addition to our globally established STATURION metal halide lamps Made in Germany, we offer a broad portfolio of LED floodlights. We advise our customers intensively on the advantages of both conventional lighting solutions and LED lighting systems: individually, project-related and objective, because as one of the few market players we offer everything from a single source.

With 50 years of experience in the lighting sector, we know the different areas of application and the diverse requirements in the sports sector:

Outdoor sports facilities such as golf, tennis and hockey fields, football fields, stadiums, ski slopes, skate parks etc. require high-performance systems. Low wind load, easy installation, impact resistance, high protection class and above all weather resistance with reliable longevity are decisive. We also offer a specific product portfolio for indoor sports facilities such as tennis and ice hockey halls, indoor riding arenas and swimming pools.

For us, perfect lighting conditions in the sports sector mean standard-compliant and dynamic illumination of all relevant areas. Athletes need an all-round view without annoying shadows in order to be able to react in a fraction of a second. Referees need a clear view so that nothing escapes their eyes. Last but not least, spectators want optimal lighting conditions and vivid, natural colours to be able to enjoy the sporting event. Both on the sidelines and in front of the TV.

No matter whether you "only" need replacement lamps or are interested in a complete new system with LED technology: We are your future-proof partner and realise lighting concepts with the highest standards of technology, workmanship, performance and advice. Contact us!


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