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Interior greening | Plant installations

Synthesis of architectural and plant growth lighting

Natural oases in interiors are becoming increasingly important as urbanisation progresses. The advantages of interior greening have long been recognised: they offer a wide range of possibilities for combining design-oriented design with sustainable and positive effects. They not only beautify the ambience, but also improve the room climate and the working atmosphere, increase productivity and, as architectural elements, are often part of an overall composition.

BLV has developed a special lighting solution for the sustainable preservation of plant installations, especially in areas with low daylight incidence, which optimally meets the architectural and design requirements as well as the plant-specific needs.

The AMALION® lighting solution combines a white light for the familiar perception of the human eye with a special spectrum that the plants urgently need for healthy growth.

The white light           

  • makes the leaves and flowers appear natural and alive to the human eye
  • sets the stage for the installation as an architectural and decorative element in an optimal optical way
  • integrates harmoniously into the general lighting with a light colour of 4000K, thus creating a visual calm and lighting atmosphere for employees, customers and visitors

The special plant spectrum

  • is exactly tailored to the needs of decorative plants without masking the natural colours as known from conventional plant light (magenta effect)
  • stimulates the process of photosynthesis and thus supports a longer natural appearance of the plants
  • at the same time regulates excessive growth, so that plant installations retain the shape in which they were conceived as design objects for a long time
  • reduces maintenance effort and premature replacement of stunted plants, thus saving costs

AMALION® product selection

Depending on the type of room and the type of plant installation, different lighting solutions are available to provide your plants with the required light level. Contact us, we will be happy to advise you.

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BLV is a member of the German Federal Association for green buildings "Bundesverband GebäudeGrün e.V."

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