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Zoos | Reptile enclosures | Botanical gardens

The requirements for lighting concepts in zoos are very varied:
Reptile enclosures, butterfly houses, botanical gardens, aquariums and (tropical) indoor plant installations all require specific lighting solutions.
BLV offers a broad product portfolio tailored to these different areas.

UV light for reptile enclosures

Tropical and exotic animals have always fascinated visitors and no zoo can live without. However, keeping these animals requires a species-appropriate environment in which they not only feel comfortable, but can lead a healthy life. A very important aspect is the adequate supply of UV light. UV light is vital for many day-active animals. Among other things, it plays a fundamental role in the body's own vitamin D3 production. Without vitamin D3, calcium from the intestine cannot be absorbed and is therefore not available to the organism. The result is a calcium deficiency.
It is therefore crucial that animals from southern regions, which by nature have a high need for UV, receive additional light to keep them healthy.

UV light

  • Promotes the formation of vitamin D3
  • Prevents calcium deficiency which can lead to rickets, a condition where the bones become soft and fragile.
  • Helps to harden shells

UV lighting solutions

  • Are tailored to the needs of different species like reptiles, day and night active animals, birds and others
  • Available for irradiation of the animals with a high UV content over relatively short switch-on times 
  • Available for irradiation of the animals with a spectrum almost as continuous as the sunlight and long time exposure to lower UV doses

Product portfolio UV Master luminaires                          BLV is corporate member of

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LED lighting solutions for butterfly houses, botanical gardens etc.

Plants are an important element of most zoo, park and aquarium concepts. Installations of different sizes range from small flower containers in entrances and refreshment areas to entire habitats. The aim of such areas is to create a particular pleasant atmosphere and to engage visitors in a natural experience. However, to keep indoor plants healthy over a long time they need special light conditions.

With AMALION® BLV presents a lighting solution that combines a white light with a spectrum that the plants need for healthy growth.

White light

  • Makes the leaves and blossoms look as natural and alive to the human eye as under daylight or sunlight
  • Perfectly stages the installation as an architectural and decorative element
  • Blends harmoniously into the general lighting by providing a CCT of 4000K and thus creates a visual calm and enjoyable light atmosphere for visitors, animals and employees

The special plant spectrum

  • Is tailored to the needs of decorative plants without masking their natural colors an effect known from many LED lights for horticulture (pink effect)
  • Stimulates photosynthesis and thus, supports healthy growth and a lasting natural appearance of the plants
  • Prevents excessive and unnatural growth, so that plant installations maintain the designed shape
  • Reduces maintenance efforts and premature replacement of stunted plants and thus saves costs

Product portfolio BLV AMALION®