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For the first time, BLV presents at IPM, the world's leading trade fair for horticulture, its newest products and concepts to a worldwide audience of business professionals.

Read an interview with Joas van Iperen, Sales Director Horticulture at BLV

Q: Why is BLV now present at the exhibitions?

JvI: BLV is one of the leading producers of horticulture lightings (HPS and MH).  We also offer extensive expertise and consultancy in horticulture lighting. Therefore our aim is two-fold, we want to strengthen our brand and get in touch with growers from around the world.

Q: What is your main focus at the IPM?

JvI: We want to promote BLV as your partner if you seek highest quality, outstanding performance and extensive technical and biological knowledge. As such we provide the best solution regardless whether you are a horticulturist or an OEM partner.

Q: Who do you want to reach - greenhouse builders, engineers, suppliers or growers?

JvI: With a comprehensive set of light related services such as lighting advice, light- and yield planning, BLV goes far beyond just supplying lighting products. Therefore we want to primarily reach growers, but as well extend our partnerships with greenhouse builders, engineers and other suppliers.

Q: Which position do you take in the market? Is your focus on HPS or also on LED?

JvI: As one of the leading producers of HPS lamps worldwide, we will promote our latest HPS introductions like the BLV 750W and 600W double ended lamps. We also promote the world first double ended MH lamp with a superior efficacy of 1.8µmol/W. The MH lamps can be used in combination with the BLV HPS power supply.

In the LED segment we focus on special applications where a low heat output and a tailor-made spectrum are crucial. These applications are developed in close cooperation between growers and our in-house plant physiologist. Our experience with LEDs is that field tests at the grower`s location are crucial. With this strategy we aim at becoming the leader in costume-made LED solutions.

Q: Can you name some prominent projects over the last year.

JvI:For the last ten years BLV has been the leading provider of HPS lamps for OEM partners. On top of that we provided lighting solutions for greenhouse projects in Asia and around the globe. Come to our booth at IPM to discover more!

Q: Can you say something about the additional products, like consultancy or customized fittings….

JvI: Our consultancy is based on face to face conversations between the grower and our technical and biological specialists. We also work in close cooperation with leading horticulture experts in the Netherlands and Germany. We strongly believe that lighting is an integral part of the cultivation process. To gain the best result it has to be adjusted to the individual needs of every crop and every grower. Therefore we meet the horticulturists at their site to get the full picture. We provide lighting and yield plans accordingly. For BLV a project isn`t done with shipping the fixture. After-sales support is equally important.


About BLV Licht- und Vakuumtechnik GmbH

Since our foundation in 1968, BLV Licht- und Vakuumtechnik GmbH headquartered in Steinhöring near Munich has developed into a global player in lighting solutions. We have been a part of the USHIO Group for over 20 years now. With their high-technology special lamps, USHIO is the world market leader in industrial applications such as office automation and cinema projection. In doing so, the USHIO Group has an approx. global turnover of 1.5 billion Euro and employ around 5 700 employees.

BLV offers a wide range of both high quality lamps and complete lighting systems for special applications: plant growth, indoor greenery, aquaristics and sports facilities. The production facilities in Germany and Poland as well as the modern equipped research and development department at the company site guarantee the highest possible quality and flexibility at the same time.BLV offers the complete lighting spectrum from individual components such as HPS and MH lamps, ballast and luminaires to the various LED solutions. All from one source.