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Successful product presentation at GreenTech 2016


At this year’s GreenTech, the leading trade fair for horticultural technology, BLV made a very successful presentation of its new products. The company presented two new HPS lamps in the conventional lighting solution segment in addition to a global innovation in MH technology.

The HPS 600W DE and HPS 750W DE lamps feature a high PAR value and unprecedented efficiency values, making them unique in the market (600 W: 1.92 µmol/W – total 1150 µmol; 750 W: 1.93 µmol/W – total 1450 µmol). The double-ended sockets allow for an even more precise positioning of the lamps in the spotlights for enhanced light distribution. They are also compatible with all standard spotlights using lamps with double-ended sockets and with the BLV power supply, thus offering a wide range of uses.

With the MH 1000W DE, BLV presented the world’s first double-ended MH lamp with extremely high efficiency (1.8 µmol/W). This type of lamp is compatible with all common spotlights for double-ended lamps – a highly efficient alternative that is very easy to implement.

The LED concept from BLV, presented for the very first time, attracted a great deal of attention at the fair. Unlike most of its competitors in the market, BLV offers its customers a tailored approach based on technological expertise, many years of market experience, scientific competence and consulting know-how. BLV does not have a pre-defined portfolio of LED options –  however, the optimal solution is developed jointly with customers. In doing so, the company benefits from its more than ten years of experience in horticulture. As a German company with a research & development department in Bavaria and production sites in Germany and Poland, BLV stands out clearly from the competition.

About BLV Licht- und Vakuumtechnik GmbH

Since our foundation in 1968, BLV Licht- und Vakuumtechnik GmbH headquartered in Steinhöring near Munich has developed into a global player in lamp manufacture. We have been a part of the USHIO Group for over 20 years now. With their high-technology special lamps, USHIO is the world market leader in industrial applications such as office automation and cinema projection. In doing so, the USHIO Group has an approx. global turnover of 1.5 billion Euro and employ around 5 700 employees.

BLV offers a wide range of high quality lamps for different applications, from aquarium lighting, the illumination of stadiums up to industrial lighting. Our production facilities in Germany coupled with a close relationship with our research and development department equipped with modern equipment means we are able to ensure the highest quality and flexibility.

Along with the production and sales of high quality lamps, complete solutions where the complete lighting system are planned, developed and implemented individually for the customer are increasing significantly for BLV.