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NEPTURION LED luminaires


NEPTURION® LED luminaires


The new NEPTURION® LED luminaires are the result of the combination of latest technology, German engineering know-how and high quality material.
This product series has been developed to offer aquariums a wide range of optimal lighting solutions for different sizes and types of tanks.
Curators can choose from different models in terms of shape, wattage, light distribution and control options, all of them offering optimum performance, luminous efficacy and service life.


NEPTURION® LED model variety

Linear versions for 1, 2 or 3 LED boards
120 W / 240 W / 400 W

Square versions for 2 or 3 LED boards
240 W / 400 W

  • Standard versions for healthy fish keeping and dynamic & dramatic lighting sceneries, featuring CCT switch between 5 800K,
    10 000K, 16 000K and 20 000K+
  • Optional DALI versions with full flexibility
  • Power levels up to 400 W
  • Choice of beam angles (25°, 60°, 85°)
  • Individual safety power switch at driver module
  • Separated driver module away from water area:
    • no mains voltage above water
    • lower weight above the tank
  • All LED modules and driver boxes are pre-installed with cables and/or watertight connectors:
    • safe and easy plug & play connections


  • Coral versions with exclusive spectrum for healthy coral growth
    • available as square version with two LED-boards and 270 W
    • available as square version with three LED-boards and 400 W
  • Standard version with on/off switch, DALI version for full flexibility optional
  • Choice of beam angles (25°, 60°, 85°)
  • Separated driver module away from water area

NEPTURION® LED circular light
for coral and fish breeding tanks

  • Ideal for replacement of fluorescent tubes
  • Two different lengths and spectra available
  • IP67
  • Easy and fast installation via click mechanism
  • Lifetime of up to 50 000 hours

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