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VfL Sportfreunde Lotte: FRIMO Stadium, Germany

“During the entire planning phase we were given comprehensive and very competent advice by BLV. For us, the selected lighting solution of STATURION MH lamps and floodlights is the perfect combination of performance and efficiency.

Manfred Wilke, Chairman VFL Sportfreunde Lotte

Location:The FRIMO Stadium is the home stadium of VfL Sportfreunde Lotte e.V., a team playing in the 3rd foodball league in Germany.
Challenge: Planning, modification and upgrade of the existing flood lighting, that meets the specific lighting requirements of a 3rd league stadium.

64 BLV STATURION MH 2000 sa floodlights equipped with STATURION HIT-DE sa 2000W lamps were installed to guarantee a perfect illumination for both players and fans.

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