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CINÉAQUA Aquarium de Paris, France

"We have been using the NEPTURION 500W LED projector 25° for several months now in our 650,000 litres tank featuring Reunion Island habitats. The penetration of the light in this 6 m deep tank is very effective, as if sunbeams were shining into the aquarium."

Guillaume Eveillard, Curator at CINÉAQUA Aquarium de Paris

"We are likewise testing the same NEPTURION 500 W LED projector 25° in our 2.5m deep coral tank. We are very happy with the PAR values deep down in the tank. And the colours of fish and corals are really enhanced with these projectors."

Alexis Powilewicz, CEO

Location: CINÉAQUA Aquarium de Paris. The origins of this aquarium go back to the year 1867 when it was built as the first ever aquarium worldwide, called "Aquarium du Trocadéro" at that time. It was completely renovated and reopened in 2006.
Today, it is an amazing aquarium with 43 tanks and big aquariums with a total volume of 4 million litres of water! The shark tank alone holds 3 million litres and is 10 meters deep. The colourful Tahiti coral reef tank is 2.5 meters deep and holds 40,000 litres.

Challenge:An illumination of the huge Réunion Island tank (650,000 litres and 6 meters deep) which simulates sun rays beaming deep into the water. And a test project installation above the coral tank as replacement of 2000 W metal halide fixtures in order to save energy and maintanance costs as well as to ensure healthy corals growth.

2 pieces of NEPTURION LED 500 W, 14 000K with a beam angle of 25° above the Réunion Island tank as well as 7 pieces NEPTURION LED 500 W, 25°, 20 000K+ above the coral tank.