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Office building AF Friedrichshafen AG, Germany
AMALION® Wallwasher

Object:Illumination of a 5.6 meter wide and 3.6 meter high green wall in the atrium of the ZF Friedrichshafen AG office building in Passau.

The original lighting with five recessed ceiling lights equipped with 150 W metal halide lamps had partially failed and urgently needed to be replaced to prevent damage to the plants. In addition, due to the uneven lighting, the overall appearance no longer met the lighting designer's requirements.


With the new AMALION® wallwashers a perfect solution was found for all requirements: First they were inserted into enlarged ceiling cut-outs. Thanks to the special free-form lens optics of the wallwashers, the entire green wall is homogeneously illuminated, so that all plants are adequately and the entire wall is uniformly lit. The neutral white light with 4000 Kelvin and an excellent colour rendering index (CRI) of 95 blends in harmoniously with the general lighting of the building, also makes the leaves look natural and brings out even small green nuances of the different plant species.

At the same time, the AMALION® lighting solution has a special spectrum that stimulates photosynthesis, which is vital for plants, without forcing excessive and unnatural growth. This keeps the plants healthy and the plant installation retains its original shape, which also reduces the amount of care required.