At Architects@Work in Berlin, BLV presented AMALION®, the innovative lighting solution for indoor plant installations such as green walls, interior façade greenery, green room dividers etc., to a large audience for the first time.

The AMALION® light spectrum is the symbiosis of architectural light and plant spectrum: AMALION® combines neutral white light for the usual and desired perception by the human eye with a special spectrum that plants need for healthy growth. A real innovation!

At the heart of the product range are the AMALION® wallwasher recessed and surface-mounted ceiling luminaires. In addition to the specific light spectrum, special free-form lens optics ensure that vertical surfaces are also illuminated extremely homogeneously. This is a further advantage over conventional spotlights that illuminate plant walls only selectively.
Thanks to the high output classes of 120 W – 360 W, even larger plant installations in high spaces can be illuminated efficiently and extremely evenly.

We would like to thank all architects and lighting designers who visited us at our stand for their great interest. If you missed us or are interested in learning more about the AMALION® light spectrum and lighting solutions, please feel free to contact Peter Diekmeier directly at