Iceland is known for its short summers and icy winters. For many years, however, the country has found great success in producing fruit and vegetables. This is possible due to the many geothermal sources from which the country’s energy is produced. It is used to generate heat for extensive greenhouse facilities and electricity for artificial lighting, which remedies the lack of sunlight for the plants during long periods of the year. Iceland is eager to continue increasing the proportion of fruits and vegetables grown for their own consumption and is successfully doing so. Greenhouses are continuously upgrading their horticultural systems, including lighting solutions.

“Together with our local partner NPK, we have succeeded in becoming the number one supplier of plant growth lighting in Iceland, in only three years”, Dragan Šimšić, Sales Director BLV HORTURION® says. “The quality of our BLV HORTURION® HPS lamp series has prevailed and especially our reliable and extremely efficient HPS 1000 W system is enjoying increasing popularity.”

“The BLV brand proved its ability to deliver constantly high quality, great consultancy, and is a very reliable partner that you need for a long and stable partnership”, Gunnar Gunnarson from NPK adds.

The latest collaboration with NPK is a cucumber greenhouse that will be equipped with a brand new system in September, right before the dark and frosty season starts.