12% light output increase improves yield and revenues

Latest product innovation introduced: BLV HORTURION® HPS intense 1,150 W lamp offering a 12% light output increase to guarantee a substantial increase in yield and higher revenues for growers.

The HORTURION® HPS intense is the latest innovation within the BLV HORTURION® series to answer calls for exceptionally high light output in the fast developing horticulture market. Furthermore, this release continues the company’s belief in not only LED solutions but maximises the advantages of traditional HPS, as well as hybrid lighting solutions.

HORTURION® HPS intense fits perfectly in all standard double-ended luminaires available in the market, operated by an 1,150 W power supply, and was introduced at the HortiContact trade fair 2020 and will be available from April 2020.

Greater output, more micromoles per square meter, and proven technology

The HORTURION® HPS intense 1,150 W lamp emits 2,400 µmol per second, a 12% higher light output compared to its 1,000 W equivalent with 2,140 µmol. Growers benefit from higher yields, shorter growth cycles, and year round production, which consequently results in higher revenues and shorter ROI cycles.

BLV’s proven quality for sustainable investment

Growers can rely on proven quality: HORTURION® HPS intense is based on the technology of the well-established HORTURION® series and a logical development of it, using a triple capacitor for reliable ignition and a long service life of up to 10,000 hours. The lamp has been developed by engineers of the company’s research and development department and is produced at their own facility.

Last year, BLV HORTURION® HPS sales in the Netherlands increased by more than 50%. These lamps are not only sought after by large vegetable and flower growers, but are also enjoying increasing popularity in greenhouses that have only recently started using plant growth lights, such as berry and cactus growers.