City of Crailsheim, Germany
Wintering of potted plants with MH lighting system

Crailsheim City Council’s department of Construction and Transport operates a hall for the wintering of various frost-sensitive potted plants such as oleander, cassia, laurel, Solanum rantonetti, Punica granatum, Agapandus africanus and Plumbargo capensis.
During the cold months, from December to the beginning of March, the plants that decorate the public spaces of the city from spring to autumn should be protected.

The city of Crailsheim was looking for a suitable lighting solution that would not only keep the plants alive, but also ensure sufficient growth and a lush flowering area.

High-efficiency HORTURION® HPS/MH 600 W Toplighting luminaires were installed, operated by their own ballast and HORTURION® 600 W MH lamps.

This system not only provides the required number of µmol, but also generates additional heat, unlike an LED solution, so could be perfectly used to provide a wintering climate for the potted plants in the hall.

“The HORTURION® lighting system delivers the best results. Our plants have come to life.”

Michael Böckler,
Department of Construction and Transport City of Crailsheim