Derksen Plant, The Netherlands

Derksen Plant is a true family business, which was founded in 1926 as a mixed fruit and vegetable company and later cultivated potted plants. In 1998, the company gradually switched to cactus cultivation. At present, about 80 species of cactus and 20 species of aloe are grown on 17,000 m². The entire process from seed to the deliverable product is carried out in-house.

Derksen was looking for possibilities to enhance the growth of cacti. With in-depth consultancy on the possibilities through additional assimilation lighting we paved the way for a completely new experience for the cactus grower.

The company chose a HORTURION® HPS TL 1000 W 400 V system with HORTURION® 1000 W lamps which was installed by Trintech.

“Thanks to our wide range of services, we can also optimally serve horticultural businesses with very specific requirements and less common species – such as cacti here.”

René Polak, Sales Manager Ushio