Kimberley Skate Parkt, South Africa

Kimberley Skate park, designed by Joe Ciaglia, famous architect of the Californian skate parks, and Geoff Rowley, one of the best skaters ever.

Exact illumination of the track by cutting off the lighting outside the course, therefore complying with SANS 10389-3, the guide on the limitation of the effects of obtrusive light from outdoor lighting installations.

In cooperation with the local partner BEKA Schréder, all floodlights were equipped with BLV STATURION® HIT-DE sa 2000 dw metal halide lamps.

This project marks a mile-stone for BLV STATURION® professional sports facility lighting! The Kimberley Skate Park was opened for the Kimberley leg of the world-renowned Maloof Money Cup, which is seen as the world’s biggest skateboarding event and world championship, showcasing the best amateur and professional skateboarders from around the world.”

Gertraud Wagner, BLV STATURION® Sales Manager