Project Description

Greenhouse for vegetable growing, Iceland
HORTURION® HPS 600 W lamps

This 5000 square metre greenhouse near Flúðir is divided into three main zones: 2000 square metres for cucumbers, 1800 square metres for tomatoes and 1200 square metres for lettuce.

The challenge:
The company was looking for a design and implementation of an ideal lighting solution to significantly increase the yield and achieve year-round production.
In Iceland’s cold climate, cucumbers require at least 200 W/m² of additional light, tomatoes 240 W/m² and lettuce still 150 W/m².

NPK replaced the old light bulbs with HORTURION® HPS 600 W lamps throughout the greenhouse.
With this solution the required light intensity could be achieved, resulting in an increase in yield of up to 50% and year-round production.

“When we first introduced HORTURION® in Iceland, we immediately saw that it was a quality product. And we are proud that only one year after its introduction, about 50% of the greenhouses in Iceland use HORTURION® lamps.
Not only the products, but also the support we receive from the company, including advice and lighting design, are great.”

Gunnar Th Gunnarson,
NPK ehf Iceland (installation company)

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