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HORTURION® PS – Electronic power supplies

HORTURION® PS – Electronic power supplies

  • Reliable and efficient power supplies for all double-ended BLV HPS and MH lamps up to 1150 W
  • 0 -10 V dimmable HPS 1000 W version available
  • High efficiency up to 97% and optimised heat dissipation
  • EMC-compliant and equipped with all necessary safety functions, including a wireless readout system
  • Also ideal for hybrid solutions with interlighting
  • Developed and manufactured in Germany


Like the HORTURION® HPS and MH lamps, the highly efficient HORTURION® PS power supplies are an in-house development and are therefore perfectly matched to these lamps. However, due to their standard design and electrical specification they are also suitable for most common luminaires and comparable lamps and from other manufacturers.

Temperature monitoring, lamp detection, and the detection of overvoltage and undervoltage ensure safe operation.

The dimming control of the 1000 W power supply unit is carried out via an adjustable 1-10 V DC power supply. After the lamp ignition, the ballast first ramps up to rated power and then switches over to the dimming value.

The HORTURION® PS power supply units are equipped with an LED status display that visually indicates the operating conditions. In addition, status messages and internal data can be determined via an external readout device and made available for further processing.

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HORTURION® PS – Electronic power supplies

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