When night turns into day

The prestigious tennis club TC St. Mauritz Münster is known in the region for its technologically advanced tennis courts. The bold claim to be one of the “most innovative tennis clubs in the Münsterland” is further underlined by the newly installed RegiSystemLED floodlight system.

In order to offer members the opportunity to play tennis outdoors in the evening hours, the club was looking for an LED lighting solution. Finally, the RegiSystemLED was chosen, a floodlighting system in a complete package, realised by one of our regional partners and equipped with BLV STATURION® LED astro spotlights. Since the installation, the club has been able to realise its dream of holding tournaments even at midnight.
Many spectators celebrated the reopening after the first Corona lockdown in June 2020 and enjoyed an action-packed tennis evening. 22 participants fought for victory until 1:30 in the morning!

Are you also interested in a floodlight system? Then please contact Mr. Daniel Gandara-Gil (daniel.gandaragil@ushio.de). He will be happy to advise you on all aspects of sports facility lighting.