Ammerlaan Orchids, the Netherlands
HORTURION® HPS Top Lighting System

Ammerlaan, founded in 1958, was one of the first companies in the Westland region to switch completely from vegetable production to pot orchids. Today it is one of the largest greenhouses specialising in the cultivation of orchids in the Netherlands, and operates two production sites of 12,000 m² and 25,000 m².

Ammerlaan Orchids was looking for a reliable partner to help modernise the existing plant growth lighting. The old 750 W electromagnetic installation was to be replaced by a much more efficient solution with the aim of increasing the production of high quality flowers.

The existing installation was replaced with the highly efficient HORTURION® HPS 1000 W toplighting system. With the new system a light level of 95 µmol/m²s could be achieved, as well as excellent uniformity of light distribution.
The result is convincing: the new system is more than twice as efficient as the previous system.