New Orlando Stadium, South Africa

In cooperation with the local partner, BEKA Schréder, quite some stadia in South Africa were supplied with floodlighting, one of them is the ‘New Orlando Stadium’. The Orlando Stadium required a complete rebuild to qualify as a training venue during the 2010 FIFA World Cup. The seating capacity was increased from 24 000 to over 40 000 and the stadium now caters for both soccer and rugby matches, as well as community gatherings and music concerts.

To install an illumination system that meets FIFA’s average light level requirements of a light level of 1,500 lux.

  • Installation:
    A total of 272 BEKA STADIALUX 2kW metal halide floodlights were equipped with BLV STATURION® HIT-DE 2000 dw lamps. The floodlights were installed along the stadium canopy to meet the required specification for international colour TV broadcasts.
  • Ten percent of the luminaires are equipped with ‘Instant Restrike Control Gears’, to ensure that the stadium has general lighting on the field after short power outages. This can only be realised with lamps that allow hot re-igniton like the lamps of the BLV STATURION® series.

We are proud to be part of the FIFA World Cup 2010 history.”

BLV STATURION® sports facility lighting team