Sports field lighting with MH floodlight

For many clubs still the most efficient and cost-effective floodlighting

With our BLV STATURION® metal halide lamps (MH) – also known as HQI lamps – we offer customers high-quality and efficient lamps for sports facility lighting. The complete lamp series is manufactured exclusively at our company site in Bavaria. At the same location, where the research, development and production departments have been located under one roof since our company was founded more than 50 years ago. Quality Made in Germany.

Our MH lamps, the STATURION® metal halide lamps, are known for their high quality, excellent performance and long service life. They are ideal for high-quality lamp replacement or floodlight refurbishment. In addition, they are often a good or better alternative to LED floodlight systems for clubs for which the investment costs are too high and the payback periods too long.

As one of the few suppliers in the market, we offer both systems. This allows us to advise our customers individually, project-related and, above all, objectively. Please feel free to contact us for all details regarding your sports field lighting.

HQI lamps / Metal halide lamps (MH)

Why they are still so popular

Metal halide lamps, also known as HQI lamps, have been in use since the mid-1960s. They are still widely used today and belong to the group of high-pressure discharge lamps.

Their continuing high popularity is due in particular to their excellent photometric performance: They offer an extremely high luminous flux of up to 230,000 lm, a very economical luminous efficacy of up to 115 lm/watt, and an excellent colour rendering index (Ra / CRI) of up to 90 compared to other discharge lamps.

All this makes them a perfect alternative to LED lighting for sports facilities that, for example, have shorter switch-on times and do not exceed an annual lighting duration of approx. 400 – 500 hours. Or for clubs that need a high-quality lamp replacement for existing installations, or for whom the high investment costs in an LED floodlight system do not pay off.

Optimal and standard-compliant lighting and illumination of the sports facilities for pure sports use can still be achieved with conventional lighting – effectively and cost-saving!

Conformity of the lamps

Use of HQI / MH lamps possible without restrictions

For conformity with Regulations (EC) No 245/2009, (EU) No 347/2010 and (EU) No 2015/1428:

Since the introduction of LED solutions, there have been repeated incorrect statements that all metal halide lamps (HIT lamps for short), also known as HQI, HRI or HPI lamps, are banned by the EU under Regulation (EC) 245/2009. This statement is incorrect and does not correspond to the current European legislation: On the one hand, it is confused with the general ban on mercury vapour lamps, better known as HQL lamps. On the other hand, the directive only refers to lamps that do not comply with certain requirements, e.g. in terms of energy efficiency.

BLV STATURION® metal halide lamps, which are still manufactured today at the company’s headquarters in Germany, are also not affected by the current Energy Efficiency Regulation (EU) 2019/2020, which came into force on 01 September 2021.

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BLV STATURION® lamps – Made in Germany

From quartz glass to high-quality lamps

As one of the very few manufacturers of sports facility and sports field lighting, we produce our lamps exclusively on site at our location in Steinhöring, Bavaria.

The production of the lamps is a complex process. It combines science, research and engineering with a highly precise manufacturing process: BLV STATURION® lamps are still largely handmade at our factory.

In the video you can follow the manufacturing process step by step. From simple quartz glass to one of the highest quality lamps for sports field lighting. Quality Made in Germany.

<Reference case>

HQI floodlight for Dortmund Technical University

Efficient and brilliant

The sports facilities of the Technical University of Dortmund, the second largest technical university in North Rhine-Westphalia, were to be extensively renovated after years of planning.

The existing floodlighting of the sports fields and small facilities was to be renewed, including all floodlights for the large and small playing fields as well as the soccer cages. The aim was to create appropriate lighting scenes and homogeneous lighting. IBR FLUTLICHT GmbH & Co. KG, a company of UNTERNEHMENSGRUPPE RÖßLER GmbH, took on the renewal and new construction of various lighting systems for the general contractor STRABAG Sportstättenbau GmbH and brought BLV STATURION® on board as the lighting brand.

For optimal implementation of the planned refurbishment work, asymmetrical planar surface floodlights were used, fitted with the STATURION® arena light source.
The lamps are known for their high efficiency and luminous efficacy as well as the high constancy of luminous flux and light colour over their service life.
The STATURION® product range continues to be manufactured at the company’s site in Germany.

“As a full-range supplier of both LED and conventional lighting for sports facilities, we advise our customers comprehensively on the advantages and strengths of the respective lighting solutions. This project is a good example of how some objectives can be better realised through conventional systems.”


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A real alternative to LED – HQI floodlight with BLV STATURION®

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