Krasoń Group, Polen
HORTURION® HPS Top Lighting System

The Krasoń group is the largest highly specialised producer of greenhouse and field vegetable seedlings in Poland. The production area covers a total area of 14 ha, of which 3 ha are open field, and 11 ha are modern greenhouse facilities.
In 2017, the Krasoń group produced about 8 million tomato, cucumber, and pepper seedlings in greenhouses.

To shorten the growing cycles of the seedlings while ensuring excellent product quality and homogeneity.

The proven HORTURION® HPS TL system with the highly efficient HORTURION® HPS 1000 W lamps was installed in the nursery to improve the lighting conditions for the seedlings.

“We switched from our old 600 W system to the new HORTURION® lighting system with 1000 W and saw the positive effect immediately. Our seedlings simply grow faster.
I was also very impressed with the ease of communication with the company’s customer service and the commitment of the local sales representative to find a solution to each of my problems.”

Janusz Raczkowski,
Krasoń Group