Mularski Group, Poland

In 1976, Tadeusz and Maria Mularski founded a horticultural company from which the present Mularski Group developed.
From the beginning, the company was closely connected with horticulture and agriculture.
Personal commitment of the whole family and a clear vision and strategy contributed to the dynamic development of the group, which today operates greenhouses at three locations in Poland.

Alongside their many years of experience in growing young plants, the Mularski Group requires a reliable lighting system that includes not only high-quality components, but also excellent service and partners you can trust. Therefore, the challenge was to find a strong company that delivers qualitatively convincing products, and at the same time offers a high customer focus.

Young plants require, to a considerable extent, additional artificial light, and perfectly coordinated conditions, as a solid basis for later fruit and vegetable production.
This could be realised with the HORTURION® 1000 W TL toplighing system.

“In search of a more suitable lighting solution for our plants, we finally decided to work with HORTURION®. And we are very satisfied with this decision: The quality of the top lighting system, the extremely simple installation, and last but not least the commitment of the local sales representative are very convincing.”

Dariuz Zawada,
Gospodarstwo Ogrodnicze T. Mularski