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HORTURION® HPS 1000 W DE EL supra plus

HORTURION® HPS 1000 W DE EL supra plus

World’s most efficient HPS 1000 W lamp with 2180 µmol/s light output

Growth lighting for professional greenhouses as well as for lawn lighting

  • Outstanding photosynthetically active radiation (PAR): 2180 µmol/s
  • Optimised spectral distribution for high photosynthetic efficiency
  • High proportion of red light and blue light output for healthy plant growth and resistance
  • High PAR value stability over the entire service life
  • Easy lamp replacement
  • Compatible with 1000 W luminaires for double-ended lamps


The  HORTURION® HPS 1,000 W supra plus is the latest innovation of Ushio Germany in the field of plant growth light. It is the world’s first 1,000 W lamp with a light output of 2180 µmol/s and therefore the most efficient HPS 1,000 W lamp ever introduced in the market. It offers 3.8 % more light output compared to the standard HORTURION® 1,000 W lamp and enables growers to achieve a noticeable increase in yield and thus higher income with the same energy input.

The HORTURION® supra plus is compatible with all standard 1,000 W luminaires for double-ended lamps.

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