Ushio Germany presents HORTURION® HPS 1000 W DE EL SUPRA PLUS – with 2180 µmol/s the highest light output ever achieved by a HPS 1,000 W lamp

3.8 % more light output for significantly higher yields and revenues

With the HORTURION® HPS 1000 W DE EL SUPRA PLUS lamp, Ushio Germany GmbH presents another innovation in the field of plant growth lamps. The HORTURION® SUPRA PLUS is the world’s first 1,000 W lamp with a light output of 2180 µmol/s and therefore the most efficient 1,000 W lamp ever introduced in the market. It offers 3.8 % more light output compared to the standard HORTURION® 1000 W lamp and enables growers to achieve a noticeable increase in yield and thus higher income with the same energy input.

The HORTURION® SUPRA PLUS is compatible with all standard 1,000 W luminaires for double-ended lamps on the market and will be available as early as August 2021.

The HORTURION® SUPRA PLUS is another flagship of the company. It is also the answer to the demand for a 1,000 W lamp with significantly increased light output, a result of many years of exchange und closest cooperation with our customers, especially in the Netherlands, the pioneer in horticulture in Europe, if not worldwide. With the HORTURION® SUPRA PLUS, the company once again underlines its claim to leadership in the field of technological developments for professional plant lighting.

More micromoles per square meter and proven technology

At 2180 µmol per second, the HORTURION® SUPRA PLUS offers 3.8 % more light output compared to its 1,000 W equivalent at 2100 µmol/s.

In-house labs for highest quality HPS lamps

Just at the end of last year, Ushio Germany, formerly BLV Licht- und Vakuumtechnik GmbH, made a clear and bold statement by discontinuing its horticulture LED lighting solutions division and clearly focusing on the development, production and distribution of HPS lamps for this sector.
Consistently following this strategic orientation, the company has further expanded its development capacities at the Steinhöring site. Ushio’s own laboratories, equipped with the latest technology and sophisticated equipment for precise measurements and tests, have for years provided ideal conditions for innovations and world premieres. All prototypes of the legendary BLV HORTURION® HPS series were developed here, including the HORTURION® SUPRA PLUS.

Proven quality for sustainable investment

Technologically, the HORTURION® SUPRA PLUS, like the HORTURION® SUPRA and the HORTURION® INTENSE, is based on the ignition technology developed by our own engineers, the BLV HORTURION® Triple Capacitor. The Triple Capacitor guarantees reliable ignition and a long service life of up to 10,000 hours.

Expanded production capacities for reliable deliveries

In order to meet the increasing demand, even for high volumes, a new production facility with a total area of almost 6,000 m² was inaugurated at the Ushio Poland site back in 2017. At full capacity, one million lamps for professional greenhouse lighting can be produced here per year. With this capacity, Ushio is not only a trusted partner for lamps of the highest quality, but is also able to reliably produce and deliver orders with very high quantities for large projects.

The HORTURION® SUPRA PLUS will be available from August 2021. Pre-orders are accepted as of now.